F1 Banter website closure

Jun 20, 2021

The virtual private server hosting the f1banter.co.uk site is up for renewal at the end of June 2021. It is with a heavy heart I have decided not to commit to another six months subs, mostly due to a lack of activity on the board making it not worth the cost and effort. There are only 4 or 5 regular contributors and very few repeat visitors.

It was good while it lasted and I have really enjoyed interacting with all the regulars for the last 4 years (a few of whom I now consider good friends). F1B is the sort of place which needs diversity and high posting activity in order to survive and I'm sad to say we just don't get that level of interaction. The VPS fees themselves are not the issue, the box only costs five euro per month so it isn't about money. Previously I could justify keeping the VPS because I used the server for business purposes as well as hosting the site, however, since March 2020 that is no longer the case.

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